Integral coaching book

Antónia Nemes

2016 November

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I recommend this book



  • to coaches
  • to managers
  • to those who work as helpers
  • to everyone who walks the path of self-knowledge

Nyomtatott formában


  • This is the first book I have read on the essence of coaching from a totally novel perspective, aiming at completeness.
    The book, while it is about coaching, offers the opportunity for the spiritual interpretation of life in its entirety.

    It invites you for an adventure into the realm of self-knowledge, it might serve as your professional and sensitive companion to help you live your spiritual depths and explore your intellectual heights.
    The way the impact of the text unfolds is very exciting: as you are reading it, a deeper dimension of your subconscious is switched on, you feel increasingly curious to learn about your own workings, and you are immediately spellbound by it, with the change starting to evolve. Your consciousness expands so that you should not hinder the other one from deepening.

    To translate Ken Wilber’s brilliant system into a practical coaching methodology is a daunting challenge, a unique and high-reaching endeavour. The book is not a light reading, as it is comprehensive and elaborated with meticulous care, exactly as the source of its inspiration. Structured as a textbook, useful, at the same time gripping because of its personal touch. A truly original and exciting interpretation.

    - Péter Generál PCC, executive coach, Grow group
  • The book definitely fills a gap for those searching for credible responses to help ourselves and others. It will serve as a most accurate, ultimate guide to various areas of our lives. As a human being, a woman and a leader I also have gathered personal experience on the delightfulness and the trials and tribulations of the journey we have made with Antónia over the past more than one decade. The book helped me see and integrate in a good way the feelings emerging from the inmost part of my soul. I am grateful for this experience having led to a precious, efficient, and consciously lived life

    - Kata Keveházi, leader of JÓL-LÉT Foundation
  • When reading the chapters, I am reminded by them of several elements of our sittings.
    I start to comprehend the professional aspects behind, thereby the consciousness typical of the author at work also gets deeper and deeper in me. The more I tend to identify with the roles, the stronger is the feeling that I could also step into the shoes of the coach.
    Exciting, comprehensible, thought-provoking...

    - Tibor Kovács, CEO
  • Order in my head, peace and acceptance in my heart. This is where I am heading for. On my way, now and then, I am found by the books of guardians. Antónia’s book – the book of the heart and the head – is one of them. Responses leading to more and more, increasingly burning questions, but it does not matter, this is the way it is till the end of time. But deep in my heart there is something whispering to me: have no fear! Your journey will take you to where you are going. The work done with Antónia nurtures this inner certainty, sometimes seeming to be nearly lost.

    - Adrienn M. Horváth ethnographer, artisan-instructor
Nemes Antónia